Established in 2015, Pure Crystal has become one of the leading names in the high bridal & evening wear market. Pure Crystal provides custom made services for a whole range of wedding collection, which includes bridal gowns, evening gowns, cocktail dresses, as well as flower girl dresses.
Pure crystal in-house designers aim to create different styles of bridal gown to give customer the opportunity to show each individual’s personality & character by introducing styles that bring a modern, sophisticated approach to classic elegance. Professional advice will be given to customer to choose the perfect dress.



Pure crystal gowns are well presented by exquisite attention to details, modern interpretation of classic lines, using high quality fabrics.

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Fashion is an expression of social and cultural life and is used to express different personalities, tastes and is closely associated with art, drawing and designs.
Every individual has different sorts of tastes in their life, whether social or cultural, and everyone is trying to match these with fashion style. Trying to combine the worldwide fashion, creativeness, fashion design ideas, multiple colors, and different styles, fashion designers should translate all of the above into their own design in order to satisfy the taste of their customers based on the culture & society. The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries with a long history in the field of traditional fashion, as well as the modern fashion, and the consumers nowadays are looking for the international well-known brands.

In order to bring all these pieces together, "Pure Crystal" as a fashion house specialized in the design of women's clothing is working with other fashion companies & well-known brands from Europe and America, trying to add the foreign touches in our "Pure Crystal” designs. Thus we can proudly say that we produce the women's exclusive clothing with unique designs in different types of fabrics, using the high quality technology