About us

Shymaa Anwar

Pure Crystal founder

From ancient times to the present, people seek to improve their appearance and pay more and more attention to elegance. In the past, designers made clothes for purely functional purposes, such as protecting the body from summer heat and cold winters, covering the genitals and taking into consideration environment protection. These ancient garments were made from animal skins and leaves, with plenty of variations, based on functionality and their forms and styles developed gradually based on people's ideas. New ideas derive from all aspects of life, whether social, economic or cultural, or by producing new materials, whether textiles, leather or any other material. Slowly but surely, we began to care more and more about adding a final touch to our style in a form of hair accessories, makeup, shoes and bags. "Pure Crystal" was established with an aim to have one of the most important fashion houses in charge of designing various types of clothes and accessories. Our designs reflect social, economic, cultural and political life of society, and fashion is an expression of social and cultural life. Our products express different personalities and can satisfy even the most sensitive consumers as they are closely related to art, painting and various design styles.

Every individual is different and each of us has different preferences, whether social or cultural. Our main aim is to try to match various preferences of our consumers based on culture and society, but also to take into consideration global fashion, creative fashion design ideas, multiple colors and different styles. Fashion designers must translate all of the above in their own design in order to meet the customers’ preferences.

UAE is a country with a long history in traditional fashion as well as modern fashion, and consumers are currently very interested for well-known international brands.

To meet the needs of the consumers, “Pure Crystal” works as a fashion department specialized in designing women's clothing in cooperation with other fashion companies and well-known brands from Europe and America. In an effort to add traditional Arabic ‘touch’ to our "Pure Crystal" designs, we now produce exclusive women's clothing and design unique pieces in various kinds of fabrics using high quality technology.

Vision & Mission

Due to the growth of fashion houses worldwide, our aim is to expand our brand in the Arab world and become one of the most specialized Fashion design companies in the United Arab of Emirates and the leader in promoting the traditional & modern products designed by “Pure Crystal. „We are focused on teaching and training all kind of arts & fashion designs, and we want to remain closely linked to the history, civilization and the heritage of the UAE community and also have a window to the outside world.

Shymaa Anwar was born on October 6, 1981, in Alexandria, Egypt. She moved to Dubai to start her career in 2003, and she has chosen fashion and retail as major areas of interest. She worked for the most reputable worldwide brands, such as Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs, where she spent 5 years. She also worked for high street brands such as Punto Roma and Aldo for a significant time period. Her experience in retail industry with Arab customers qualifies her to understood market needs as well as the desires of Arab customers in terms of fashion. Thus, she used her expertise and knowledge to create her own brand “Pure Crystal”.

She launched her women’s collection in 2014, and this collection was exclusive for united designers store at Mirdiff City Center, Studio 8 at Dubai Mall and House of Fraser at Yas Mall.

The inspiration for her collection came from the antiquity ages, and she emboldened her pieces with the modern touch and a royal spirit.

She firmly believes that her Arab ancestry and oriental culture can enrich the world of fashion with a unique and innovative design, inspired by genuine Arab heritage and access to the world by adhering to the authentic Arab character.